oxy blues

J and his gf L are staying out at the house now, usually I like to live out there alone but J has hit some hard times and prolley has some jail time coming his way which is unfortunate because the guy would do anything for ya and is really much nicer than I will ever be. They were running some kind of hustle obtaining scripts that were legal but only for other people and thats about all I want to know about it, anyway all this happened after he lost his job, then they “tapered” him down like 5mgs a day at the methadone clinic because he could not pay and he was just miserable. I would help him out with a shot when I could but things are rough all over right now so he started the above mentioned hustle and was making some decent cash re-selling tabs but that all ended when L was busted with several bottles of Norcos that did not have her name on them. Basically J took the blame and so on and so forth. Really a shit deal to tell you the truth. But J is a resourceful junkie and last night he produced an eight ball of tar which I might add was very good shit. Some of that FIRE DOPE they be talkin’ ’bout around these heah parts. Even though he is not working he is usually up before me, leaves at the same time in his old Ford Escort GT2 and they usually do not get home until after I do. I kinda wonder what he does all day but that is prolley best left unsaid. I scored some Oxy 30mg tabs today at lunch for doing a favor for a buddy of mine. They are light blue and are instant release, none of that ER shit for me.
I wonder if these babies will cook up…hmmm. I might have to check into that. Everyone stay safe.


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7 Responses to oxy blues

  1. Gledwood says:

    Does your Valium have a V-shaped hole in it?

    Ours are blue and solid. The proper 10mg ones.

    Piss-weak yellow ones are 5mg.

    Truly taking the piss ones that were only ever introduced for detoxing addicted housewives are white, they’re 2mg or even 1mg. I don’t know. I’d never go near one!

    We don’t have blue opioids though. That sounds really exotic. Aren’t they called “baby blues” some of them..? 30mg oxy?? Or am I getting my wires crossed on the mgs, the substance, the name or all 3!

  2. Gledwood says:

    ok this is what i came here to say

    i reckon the afghan drought is indirectly affecting the american heroin situation

    it would raise the value on keys of tar, and colombian white

    i also heard that america DOES use Asian gear, i have a sneaky suspicion somebody doesn’t want the american public at large to know just how much heroin certain sections of the nation are using!

  3. Gledwood says:

    oh yeah

    can’t resist adding this re VALIUM those Bastard Doctors actually prescribe those fucking ridiculous white Valiums to people with clinical need other than detoxification.

    That BASTARDS fucking doctors fucking bastard doctors. Indulge Me: I have to go See One later. He’s ok as headshrinkers go but ukkkkkkkk……

    Still amping with energy this end. More down to earth (believe it or not). E.g. I have thin crust pizza in the oven, remember it’s in there and know it will be ready soon. Which was more than I could hold on to last week I was so hyped up I went stratospheric. Which felt fucking marvellous, it has to be said! 😉

  4. Boston Joe says:

    Hey Man, if they are the old style oxys, you can take off the coating and crush em up to a nice fine powder and do whatever you like with em, snif or shoot… if they are the new ones, they have that fucking gell thing in them that makes em gell up when you try to crush em up so you are actually probably better off just eating them. I have been clean for a while but I heard that you can cook up the gel tabs but that it is a total pain in the ass and you have to cook the shit out of them. Hopefully you got the old ones! LOL, stay safe!

  5. leanne says:

    how old are you babes? just curious…x

  6. noahnods says:

    24 but I can be older if the need arises…heh

  7. leanne says:

    thought you was older for some reason.. whats your hair like? bit random but i had a complete different image of you in my head. curiosity killed the…pussy haha


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