internet shopping

my order from the Silk Road arrived in the mail on Saturday – some beige colored East coast junk. it was inside a tiny, tiny plastic bag which was inside another bigger baggie with all the air sucked outta it…vacuum packed? which was inside of a disc mailer. Looked professionally done. anyhoo since it was reputed to be “fire sacks” I did a small shot first, and felt a little so I increased to the point of where I got off really well and most of it was gone! Damn. I guess that our nasty old tar is just as potent, and in some cases even stronger than that East coast stuff. Too expensive, and I was too paranoid about the whole thing. we had it sent to J’s mom’s address (she is ummm indisposed at the moment at the Adult Crisis Center Griffin Memorial Hospital) so it was all OK though. The mail definitely would work for me if I could find a reliable source coz my F2F connex are one less after this weekend and that is bad news for me. you have to also use bitcoins for money and it is a hassle getting them into your ewallet to use on the Silk Road. A guy I was chatting to there said his ewallet had been hacked several times so I kept mine on a flash or thumb drive and did not make it active until I was ready to released my funds. Great idea but everything is expensive as hell, 1 Oxy 30mg tab was like 35.00 but they had everything you could want and I mean everything! K, acid, 4-FA, “pure fish scale coke” MDA, MDMA, and shit I had never heard of before. So my bartender girl had to go back home, which is somewhere in southern Texas. Her dad is having some heart issues and is scheduled this week for heart surgery to clean out some stints he had put in 12 years ago and add 2 more while they are in there. She won’t be back until after the New Year so that just really puts me in a bad situation. Stinky thinks right now that I’m using him because I want to, but once he finds out that I have to use him he will start his little tricks and shit. I absolutely HAVE to find someone else, actually a couple of ppl would be nice. Too bad the Silk Road is such a hassle…damn DEA, FBI, NSA, and Postal Inspectors! heh. in other news yesterday my exgf decides to come out and get her winter clothes that she left there in a big box in my closet. then she decides to help me clean up the closet, then my bedroom, so we are in the bedroom together and she tells me that she wants to sleep with me but can’t! “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about us or anything” of course I assure her over and over and over again that I am not going to think that after we sleep together she should move back in, but in the end it just does not work and I just wish she never would have even brought it up. dammit – I’ll never understand chicks. they are just wound differently. not necessarily bad just different.


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4 Responses to internet shopping

  1. Brother Frankie says:

    careful with that internet shopping…. its addicting…heh
    (pure fish scale coke – I have not seen that since the 90’s.. not that i have been looking. hard to do a hit in the pulpit….joke)

    u are loved bro
    Brother Frankie

  2. eyelick says:

    Cute to know that the website works. You wanted an eye-mail from me? Eye don’t know your email address! Sorry if you sent it to me by emailing me already, eye very rarely check it because it’s filled with endless junkmail, nearly 25 added on a daily basis.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did not know your email addy either! mine is noahtassitano at gmail com hit me up when ya get a chance to watch the needle dance and prance.

  4. Eyelick says:

    yeah, eye thought you knew it bc to send a response, you need to sign in with email and all that. anyway, eye-mail is sent to you!!!! it’s been ha quite a while since eye’ve signed onto blogspot or any “social network” but school’s insane and getting worse! long as eye make it thru this semester and get approved for payment next semester, it’ll be all worth it. if not, back to the ol’ political canvassing eye guess, soon as it starts next year, and get a “holiday” job and hope to impress them enough to get a permanent position, plus there’s always the phone thing to supplement it.

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