old country song

my dad used to listen to this old country song and the words went ‘wasted days and wasted nights I have left for you behind for you don’t belong to me your heart belongs to someone else’ I always liked the very first part of that song because that is what I am planning on doing this drizzly, cold, grey weekend unless I’m at the casino (the no-no as a friend calls it) but if I don’t win some money right after I get there, most of my time will be spent in the bar as cash is tight with property taxes due very soon. it’s nice owning a home but if you don’t keep everything paid up on it you won’t own it for long. various casino’s have what they call ‘hot seats’ and how they work is if you are playing a certain slot machine using your players club card and that slot machine’s number comes up whomever is sitting there playing wins cash. Saturday night they have $500.00 hot seats every hour and random $1000.00 hot seats throughout the night so there is more than one way to win at the no-nos.


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One Response to old country song

  1. eyelick says:

    Hope you did well at the no-no! Maybe you did & you’re too high to post. 🙂 UGH, just slept three hours, been up one after a crazy dream about robbing a vending machine & dad showing up. Only have a large build up of cottons & 3 methadone pills today til eye go sell gift cards :/

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