I’m free in Denver!

I was released from the Simonet Detention Center in downtown cold ass Denver this morning. picked up on a public intoxication charge but I had only had 2 drinks…I was really so damn high that I could not focus or walk right! Damn good tar here in Denver – Wow! they found a cooker in my backpack( my salvation kit was back in my motel room ) but the cop just threw it into a trash can, never saying a word. what the hell am I doing in Denver anyway? After I was ‘let go’ from my job I needed to get away for awhile so I asked my sister to check the house and get the mail then took off to visit my step brother who happens to live in Denver, but I did not call before I left and when I got here he was nowhere to be found! In this scummy dive of a bar down the road from my motel I met a guy who had an OU Sooners shirt on, started talking to him, found out he was homeless and broke but knew how to get some preemo H and the rest is history. He stayed in my room for 2 days while I was in lockup and got me well when I finally made it back to the motel, sick as fucking hell, covered in dry puke and shit, looking like and feeling like DEATH. More LATER.


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3 Responses to I’m free in Denver!

  1. Gledwood says:

    Well I hope you have at least a half decent xmas even if that just means a good supply of drugs. And a way better 2012.

  2. Smackie Ashley says:

    Hey Noah, so sorry to hear you lost your job – what happened?

    And yeah…. what Gleds said goes for me too (and a very Merry Christmas to you, too Gleddy)

    Wishing you all the very best,

    Ash xoxo

  3. eyelick says:

    AW poor guy, SO much worse off than eye am. Boyfriend left me high&dry owing me $80, now out of state w/his mom & couldn’t give two shits how eye feel, so it seems. Have resorted to being a little bit of a bad girlfriend. Like a “hey dude let’s party &you’re paying” kinda thing :/ SO sorry your job!!! Maybe you can look for others in new places, our back property is open! đŸ™‚ Hope things get better, glad no paraphenelia charge!

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