starry starry night…

Ho Ho Ho! Hope everyone had a merry fucking Christmas and will enjoy a drunken orgy of pleasure on New Years Eve. I had a nice Christmas Day with Melinda(a girl I met the other night at a party), and 2 grams of tar in a sleazy motel room – after which we went out to eat at the IHOP but I ended puking most of my pancakes up but I was so high even puking was enjoyable. Melinda acted as my tour guide and took me to this scenic overlook type place late last night and it was just amazing when the skies are clear how fantastically bright and beautiful the night sky looks with the stars almost close enough to touch…Colorado is truly a wonderful place to star gaze if you are into that sort of thing. I did for awhile but got cold quickly and got in the car while M stayed out there looking for the longest time…I finally honked the horn and startled the hell out of her, pissed her off too, but got her ‘back down to earth’ so we could leave. Probably going to head back to Oklahoma after New Year’s Day, maybe on the 2nd – I’ve got to file for unemployment and all that good stuff before I run out of moo-lah. Thank the Gods for MasterCard and Visa because that is what I have been living on pretty much while I’ve been here. Oh – the homeless Okie (that is what I call the guy that stayed in my room while I was incarcerated) is coming back with me to OK to see his family and maybe stay in OKC for awhile – he really saved my bacon a couple of times and I owe him at least a ride back.


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5 Responses to starry starry night…

  1. eyelick says:

    Glad you had a good holiday. Another CRAPPY new year for me, on what’s m’eye favorite holiday, second year in a row not doing ANYTHING for it, and having money issues meaning dope issues. Half a shot left, no cash AND the guy’s closed tomorrow whenever eye can get funded… Kind of wanted to find a drunken tourist date and be moderate with own drinking, help self to some of their cash when they’re passed out. But now, screw everything- going to sleep early and hope the new year is better than this week.

  2. Cynthia says:

    How come you lost your job? Sorry to hear that, but glad CO was cool. Stay safe!

  3. Gledwood says:

    I hope you have a better year this year than last year sounded.

    I’ve got a new blog by the way but it’s boring. No drugs anywhere in it yet except methadone!

  4. Gledwood says:

    Come on man, what’s happening now. It’s nearly Easter and not a word %-/

  5. eyelick says:

    Hello. Miss you! Hope you haven’t had your “final hit” (although at least would be a satisfying end eye suppose) or you haven’t been the victim of senseless laws. Maybe you’ve just been floating about neglectful, or too occupied with priorities that must be in order to survive, or a mix – that’s what happened with me! You should come out here so eye can lick your Eye! Time for bed, hope you’re making the best out of whatever situation you’re in. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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