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starry starry night…

Ho Ho Ho! Hope everyone had a merry fucking Christmas and will enjoy a drunken orgy of pleasure on New Years Eve. I had a nice Christmas Day with Melinda(a girl I met the other night at a party), and … Continue reading

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I’m free in Denver!

I was released from the Simonet Detention Center in downtown cold ass Denver this morning. picked up on a public intoxication charge but I had only had 2 drinks…I was really so damn high that I could not focus or … Continue reading

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old country song

my dad used to listen to this old country song and the words went ‘wasted days and wasted nights I have left for you behind for you don’t belong to me your heart belongs to someone else’ I always liked … Continue reading

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long weekend and stuff

brother frankie wrote that “there’s a little known secret that could all but eliminate some addiction issues in this country. That secret is compassion.” I wonder what kind of reaction that line would get at an AL-ANON or AL-ATEEN meeting? … Continue reading

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internet shopping

my order from the Silk Road arrived in the mail on Saturday – some beige colored East coast junk. it was inside a tiny, tiny plastic bag which was inside another bigger baggie with all the air sucked outta it…vacuum … Continue reading

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Number 1 sister bought her daughter a new Tahoe and she sold me her other car which was a 2009 Hyundai Accent with only 14,000 miles on it. She felt sorry for me driving that old truck I think so … Continue reading

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wedding hells bells

attended my 3rd sisters (which means she is 3rd in order of birth – I have six sisters unfortunately) wedding Saturday and I was actually included in the wedding this time against the sister’s better judgement so I heard. The … Continue reading

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